Where can I find my installation guide or manual?

Your signal booster kit should include a printed manual in the box that you receive with all of the components.

If you would like an electronic (PDF) version of the manual, then you can find that by going to the product page for your signal booster on our website, and then clicking the "Additional Info" tab above the product details, which you can see here:

Then scroll down to the section labeled "User and Installation Manual", which should have a link to the install guide and possibly the spec sheet, if it exists. 

If you're unable to find the install guide (user manual), then please reach out to us at support@wilsonsignalbooster.com and we'll be happy to email you a PDF of the manual. 

Please note, not every product has a user manual or installation guide. Most of the signal booster kits will have a manual, but most accessories will not. 

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